PadGoRound is the first tablet holder to provide the user options for holding and using a tablet
Adjustable handles to fit any tablet
4 raised legs on the base to elevate the tablet on a flat surface



The Pad Go Round is a versatile electronic tablet holder that allows you the ability to get a better grip on your tablet. The Pad Go Round is the perfect accessory for any tablet owner! It will be offered in two sizes – one for tablets the size of iPad and one sized to fit smaller tablets such as the iPad Mini.

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“I would recommend the PadGoRound to anyone on a job site or has to do a lot of video with their iPad. It makes it so much easier to hold it without worrying about it slipping out of your hands.”

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“I'm a quardraplegic and I don't have good grip on my hands so a little tablet has always been intimidating because I'm always concerned I'm going to drop it. The PadGoRound makes it comfortable for me to use a tablet.”

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“This is an absolutely awesome little device for teachers or anyone who does Plickers or similar classroom assessments. I can't wait to get one!”

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The Pad Go Round has countless uses for virtually every tablet!


  • Relaxing
  • Reading
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Video Games
  • Exercise/Yoga
  • In the Kitchen


  • Reports
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Patient Information
  • Electronic Forms
  • Online Bill Pay


  • Lessons Plans
  • Creative Learning
  • Educational Apps
  • Administrative
  • Assessments
  • Electronic Books and Videos


  • Square
  • Shopkeep
  • Revel Systems
  • Vend
  • Quickbooks
  • Groupon