Introducing PadGoRound, the first tablet holder that puts removable grip handles on your electronic tablet, e-reader or iPad for easier use and mobility, while minimizing hand fatigue!

The Pad Go Round is a unique electronic tablet holder that features ergonomic handles, designed to give you a better grip on your tablet.

Want more versatility and mobility? With easily attachable accessories such as stands, mounts, clamps and lanyard, your Pad Go Round lets you use your tablet in more ways than you ever imagined.

It's no ordinary tablet holder — The Pad Go Round is the perfect way to hold your tablet in your hands, on a tabletop, or even on the go!


One Pad Go Round - many benefits.

Compatible with popular tablets, iPads and e-reader brands, models and screen sizes with screen sizes between 4" and 10"

Fits your tablet in both portrait and landscape orientations

Use attachable accessories for added versatility, such as for table top use at home or work

Pad go round. works anywhere and for any age.

Carry your tablet anywhere
Carry your tablet anywhere you go, more securely

With our secure grip design, Pad Go Round lets you be even more mobile with your tablet. Great for coaches, medical professionals, teachers and other professionals who spend most of their day standing or walking around

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Great for kids of all ages
Great for kids of all ages, too

Pad Go Round fits even the small hands of a child

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physically disabled
A superb assistive device for the physically disabled

Pad Go Round enables those with difficulty grasping items the opportunity to now more easily hold and enjoy using an electronic tablet

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“I would recommend the PadGoRound to anyone on a job site or has to do a lot of video with their iPad. It makes it so much easier to hold it without worrying about it slipping out of your hands.”

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“I'm a quardraplegic and I don't have good grip on my hands so a little tablet has always been intimidating because I'm always concerned I'm going to drop it. The PadGoRound makes it comfortable for me to use a tablet.”

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“This is an absolutely awesome little device for teachers or anyone who does Plickers or similar classroom assessments. I can't wait to get one!”

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