Our History & Mission

Rosanne Clementi, inventor of the patented Pad Go Round, came up with this ingenious product when she first used a tablet with her arthritic hands. She discovered first-hand just how very difficult it was for her to hold an electronic tablet for any length of time.

A search for products that would afford her the use of her tablet without pain yielded no success. Rosanne even purchased a folio case to see if it eased her pain while using the tablet. The pain did not subside, and the case regrettably made the device abnormally bulky.

As a result, her goal became to design and develop an ergonomic product for both all tablets and all types of tablet users. She knew she couldn’t be the only person that wished there was a comfortable way to enjoy a tablet. Out of this desire, the Pad Go Round was born!

"Throughout this journey I have met so many people who have found countless new uses for the Pad Go Round, from the physically limited to the physically gifted," notes Rosanne. "The Pad Go Round provides a unique way for any tablet user to get more use and benefit out of their tablet than ever imagined."

Rosanne Clementi
Inventor of the Pad Go Round

"Our mission is simple: to make electronic tablets physically yet ergonomically more accessible for users of all ages and levels of hand dexterity."