Assistive Technology

An Ideal Assistive Solution to More Easily Grip Your E-Tablet

Oh, how we take our hands for granted until we can no longer use them without pain or physical limitations. That's why there's Pad Go Round, a unique tablet holder and mounting system for iPads, tablet, and e-readers.

Pad Go Round enables those with difficulty grasping items the opportunity to more easily hold and enjoy using their tablet. For example, if you have a physical disability, suffer from arthritis, stroke, wheelchair-bound or have any other impediment to holding a tablet, our comfortable handle grips, along with mounts and clamps, help you get the most of out your tablet.

Assistive Solutions


Discover how Pad Go Round helps people just like you.

Artist and designer with arthritis explains how the Pad Go Round enables her to more comfortably use her tablet in her work.

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