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Words Matter

I have had arthritis in my hands, wrists and knees for a number of years. My arthritis stems from the normal aging process and stress from years of walking in swamps. I had always said that I suffered from arthritis. I now have changed my perspective and I say I am an arthritis survivor not a victim. Words do matter.

My arthritis will not go away so I deal with the symptoms. There are physical activities I can no longer do. I cannot ski, take a spinning class or walk moderate distances on hard pavement. This does not mean I cannot do any physical activity. It means I had to find substitute or modified activities. I can ride a bicycle, use a rowing machine and practice gentle and Flow 1 yoga. You too can make adjustments and be a survivor.

I also have survived by easing the pain of holding my electronic tablet. I did not want to give up using the tablet so I looked for devices to attach to it to make it easier to hold. When life serves you lemons make lemonade. I could not find a tablet holder with handles so I found the resources to create it myself. 

The Pad Go Round allows me to easily grip without pain my electronic tablet. I can read books for hours. The ergonomic handles allows me to get a firm comfortable grip to take pictures or videos. You can attach a lanyard and hang the tablet around your neck or across your body. There is a universal threaded insert on the back and attach any camera accessory.