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I love technological advances, don't get me wrong. It seems like everyone wants to create the next great app! Who wouldn't. There are no prototypes to have 3D printed, no molds to make and no inventory to store. I am a tech user not creator. Creating an app just does not float my boat. If you use the internet there is no way you can avoid using an app. Our world continues to be rocked by great applications to make computing easier. Banking, weight loss, weather radar, news, Facebook and my favorite the Lottery are some of the few apps on my iPad. 

We are on a no return trajectory with technology and I am not lamenting this at all. I just want to point out that no app ever developed made it easier for someone to hold an electronic tablet. Tablets should be available to anyone who wants to use them.  An app can make the fonts larger and add voice-over. An app does not make the tablet easy to hold if you have less than able or small hands.

The Pad Go Round can make the tablet accessible to those who have been unable to get a safe grip on it.

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