Tablets Can Cause Hand, Finger Pain and Neck Pain


Tablets like Apple's iPad and the Samsung Tab are not just the rage but have become indispensable for convenience. These are great tools that are not without their chronic pain risks as we discovered with desk top computers. "Prolonged use of tablet computers can cause different forms of repetitive strain injuries to the fingers and hands," notes John L. Pappas, MD, the medical director for the Beaumont Centers for Pain Medicine in Royal Oak, Mich. "Good posture and frequent, short breaks can help minimize these symptoms."

Tablets and smartphones can cause a different kind of tension and pain, since the neck is often in a prolonged downward posture. Even when people use a touchscreen in a vertical position, as a monitor, the neck and shoulders often become fatigued and sore.

If you are using your tablet like a little computer, Lewis says you can avoid problems by following the same protocols suggested for a laptop: Buy the right accessories to set the screen at a comfortable working height and use an external keyboard.

It is recommended that you purchase a device that can also tilt vertically so that it's supported without you having to hold it continually. You may need to add some additional height to raise it up further if you are reading or playing games for a prolonged period of time.

Tech companies do not seem to be teaming up with ergonomists, physicians, and others with expertise in these injuries to promote prevention of injury research. There are third parties that have.

The Pad Go Round was developed for this exact purpose for those of us who already have problems holding electronic tablets. If you do not have any limitations now, using the Pad Go Round could help prevent these kind of hand, wrist and neck stressing issues. The universal threaded insert on the back allows you to attach tripods and goose neck extensions to elevate or raise the tablet to a comfortable height and use external keyboards. 


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