Practicing Yoga at Home or On the Go

Going to a yoga studio is fun and gives you a great sense of community. It also forces you to get your practice done. However, we cannot always fit that class we love in our schedule. There are several great online sites that provide guided yoga classes: Gaia, Yogaglo, Yogaanytime and myyogaworks. Electronic tablets are a great and convenient way to follow an online yoga class. It is often difficult to get the screen at the correct angle for easy viewing until now.

The Pad Go Round is a unique, versatile tablet holder that puts 2 to 4 handles on most electronic tablets.

In addition the Pad Go Round has an insert on the back that allows you to attach camera accessories like mini-tripods.

Set your mat anywhere and get your down-dogs done! When you travel your tablet is a perfect device to stream a yoga class in your hotel room or Mom and Dad's house.

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