Electronic Tablets 102: What is an App

The Twitter App

App is short for application and they come in many forms. When you purchase a smartphone or an electronic tablet the manufacturer preloads the device with apps. If you buy an Android device you can be sure it will have apps for Google products like Google Maps and Gmail.  iPhones will also come with Apple apps like Facetime and iTunes.  The apps are handy shortcuts to the website so you do not have to open the internet link and type in the website address.  Not every website has an app. We are finding that people use their tablets and smartphones more often than desktop computers. Apps make it easier to access websites from these smaller devices. 

There are thousands of apps that are free. As you learn how to use your tablet you will discover the apps you like and use often. I cannot live without Google maps or Navigation.  You will have friends recommend apps that they find useful or fun.  Do not be afraid to try an app especially if it is free.  I downloaded a number of apps that I thought were neat and  rarely used them. It is a good idea to clean up your device if you do not use the apps to keep your home screen from being cluttered.

You find apps for your tablets through a portal/website such as Apple's iTunes or Google's Play Store. What are your daily needs? Where is the nearest cheapest gas? What group coupons are available today? Want to listen to Pandora? Access to these sites are just a click away with an app!

Pad Go Round does not have an app at this time. Putting a Pad Go Round on your tablet will make app hunting much easier.

Happy app-ing!



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