Electronic Tablets 101


We want to encourage you to consider purchasing and using an electronic tablet. So how do you decide what tablet to buy: an iPad, Samsung Note, RealPad or a Nexus?  Here is what helped me make my decision. What types of electronics are your family members using? I use a Samsung Galaxy smart phone but my kids and spouse use iPhones.  My kids do not want to Skype when then have Facetime.  I chose the iPad Mini to be in sync with my family.  It could be important to have a tablet that is compatible with your family. Apple products use some different applications than Android or Windows based tablets. A number of tablets on the market are Android based. The one you choose can also be based on preference and experience. If you have only used Windows based products you might like the Iconia. If the type of operating system is not a crucial issue than price might be the deciding factor for you. Size may also be an issue for your purchase.  There is an electronic tablet to match your needs or uses.  A search on the Internet is always a good way to compare products. Ask your friends about their experiences and preferences.  I would not hesitate to go to an electronics store. There is always a friendly computer geek to provide expert advise. 

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