Access for the Less Able

We all want access no matter where we are or what we are doing. No one likes to be left out. Electronic tablets are designed with a number of internal accessibility features: voiceover, zoom, inversion of colors, speech, special keyboard features, shake to undo, etc.
Most of us are blessed to be completely able in all we do. There are many degrees of ability. If you have any hand dysfunction you may have discovered how intimidating the electronic tablet can be.  There are degrees of ability in the paralyzed community. Some have complete use of their hands some none at all. Some have restricted use e.g. can grab some items but not grip them. 
The Pad Go Round helps make electronic tablets more accessible to the less able users.  It is sold with two handles and two clamps and can be customized to four handles. The four handles allow the less able to grab and hold the tablet if gripping is not possible. This picture is of a gentleman who is quadriplegic with some use of his hands to grab objects. The Pad Go Round allowed him to hold an electronic tablet for the first time.
We want everyone tonhave access.

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